Nape in Zagreb, 6th July 2020

Oh, yes, the Nape and Egidio are back. On the meadow of the park in Trešnjevka in Zagreb.

DISCOllective is playing the choreographic proposal by Egidio Peano. Welcome to play along.
DISChOreographed and played by DISCOllective and Egidio Peano
Produced by
DISCOproduced by World
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What is at play? The nape.

The nape is the key point where we can read one’s relation to the gravity and control.

In this choreographic proposal Egidio explores the nape, the most vulnerable point of the spine, and what happens when we let nape behave again as part of spine? Do we still have control? Do we change our relation to the control? Do we care less about control and care more of integration?

Nape is something we do not see, we sense. It is place of beheading, a vulnerable and exposed point, balancing out the mind and the body.

The precarious balance is always vibrating, it needs to be and it is in constant movement. When precarious balance stops, we are dead, as if someone would cut our head.

Egidio uses recorded music of The Necks to challange himself even more, since it is not only performing the results of research he is doing as he moves, also the environment where the performing makes sense needs to be created, needs to emerge.